Emergency Hammer NexTorch® multifunctional tool

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The Nextool Emergency Hammer NexTorch is a special hammer for a car to help in a crisis situatiations. It breaks the glass, cuts the seat belt or alerts other drivers to the problem with light signals. If necessary, the device can also be used as an external battery for charging a mobile phone(powerbank function). 

Robust design

The handle is made with matt nylon and provides a nice and firm grip. The hammer tip is made of high-hardness steel so it's easy to break a window in one shot. There is an integrated magnet on the top of the hammer to attach a tool to a car body, which is especially useful in case of emergency light use.

A sharp blade

An integrated blade allows you to easily cut off the seat belt to exit the vehicle. With its help, you can also easily cut various ropes and straps, unless you have a knife handy. The blade is positioned so no accidental cutting can occur.

Emergency light

The Emergency Hammer NexTorch works also as an emergency LED lamp. It has four modes: a bright white light, a dim white light, a red light, and a blinking red light. You can use it as a emergency signal lamp or direction light when checking the vehicle.

Portable battery

Built-in battery is not only used for the lamp. This multi-tool can charge smartphones and other devices. Charging of mobile devices and the hammer itself is done using a USB-C connector. A 1,500 mAh battery takes about 3 hours to fully charge the built-in lithium battery.

A LED battery charge indicator is available.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • a multi-functional tool for the car
  • a solid and robust structure
  • suitable for emergencies
  • a black plastic handle
  • a spike for breaking glass
  • a belt cutter
  • integrated lamp
  • 4 light modes

Important parameters

Total length
18 cm
Number of tools / functions
280 g
Material of blade / tools
Metal (unspecified)
Material of handle
Nylon with glass fiber
Material in detail
Hammer: metal
Glass breaking tip: tungsten
Body: fiberglass reinforced nylon
Dimensions in detail
l x w x d: 18,0 cm x 8,6 cm x 2,7 cm


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