E5R-G4 flashlight - 1800 lm PowerTac®

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Product code: E5R-G4
Warranty period: 2 years

The Powertac E5R-G4 LED flashlight presents a true professional lamp, which is guaranteed not to let you down.It's ideal for military or police action -- but also for any other occasion where you'd like to avoid a situation where your flashlight goes out and you're left without a light.In one of the modes this lamp will last up to 45 days!

Thanks to 1800 lumens, you can also see what's over 300 meters away

The power of this lamp is undoubted - it will shine for you over 300 meters. Indeed, the maximum luminous flux is a full 1,800 lumens.In addition, out of 6 light modes, you can easily choose the one that works best for you.Depending on the battery used, you can then look forward to 2 hours of light at maximum power or full 45 days of light using the weakest mode.

Easy Charging

When the flashlight goes out, definitely don't throw away the batteries -- it's easy to recharge.A magnetic or USB cable will serve this purpose.We also mention that one Powertac 18650 3200mAh rechargeable battery is included in the pack.

Plastic case for damage protection

Once you're done using it, you'll be able to store the flashlight in a practical plastic case to protect it from possible scratches or other damage.

Mode Luminous flux (lm) Runtime on one (full) charge / on one battery (hr)
Li-ion 18650 - Firefly 0.33 45 days
Li-ion 18650 - Low 57 8.1
Li-ion 18650 -Medium 214 6.2
Li-ion 18650 -High 850 2.2
Li-ion 18650 - Turbo 1800 2.01
Li-ion 18650 - Strobe 670 4.53
2x CR123A -Firefly 0.33 45 days
2x CR123A - Low 57 8.1
2x CR123A - Medium 214 6.2
2x CR123A - High 860 1.2
2x CR123A - Strobe 670 4.2

Benefits you need to know about:

  • LED type : Cree XHP35 White LED
  • 2 types of batteries: CR123A nebo 18650
  • lenght: 133,2 mm
  • bezel diameter: 25,4 mm
  • body diameter : 23 mm
  • weight(without battery): 76 g
  • rechergeable battery Powertac 18650 3200mAh included 
  • magnetic rechergeable USB cable
  • plastic case, spare O-rings and manual 
  • Lumen output :1800 lumens
  • beam distance : 320 meters 
  • waterproof 
  • 6 lighting modes 
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Buy E5R-G4 flashlight - 1800 lm PowerTac® for €  108.3

Important parameters

Total length
13.3 cm
Number of modes
Luminous power
1800 lm
320 m
Types of batteries / accumularos
1x 18650 - 3200 mAh Li-ion bateriový článek
2x CR123A
Letecký hliník
Dimensions in detail
Priemer tela: 2,3 cm
Průměr hlavy: 2,5 cm
Weight in detail
Hmotnosť bez batérií: 76 g
Other specifications
Vodotěsnost: IPX8 / i při ponoření do hloubky 2 m
Nárazuvzdornost: z výšky do 2 m
Magnetické dobíjení nebo dobíjení přes micro USB (porty na boku hlavy)
Typ LED:
1x CREE XHP35 bílá
Parts of delivery
Plastové pouzdro
Odnímatelný kapesní klip otočitelný
Jistící šňůra
Li-ion bateriový článek
Dobíjecí kabel do USB


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