Direct Action® Hard Leather shooting gloves

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Product code: GL-HARD-GLT-CBR-L
EAN: 5908218723979
Warranty period: 2 years

Sports shooters will certainly agree that you need to protect yourself when shooting. In addition to glasses and ear plugs or headphones, it is also important to have good gloves. And you definitely don't have to settle for average. The Direct Action® Hard Leather Gloves are a perfect example of how you can get superior quality for a reasonable price.

Genuine goat leather

In fact, the Hard Leather gloves are a new, improved version of the Direct Action® Hard gloves. However, the artificial leather has been replaced this time with real goat leather, which brings with it a high level of durability as well as feedback from the gun that you simply have to feel even with gloves.

Comfort even during prolonged use

The gloves have specially designed slits on the knuckles, which provide the shooter with comfort even when using the weapon for a long time. Thanks to the closed Velcro cuffs, the gloves fit reliably and tightly to your wrist and do not slip off. The gloves also include a Hypalon loop, which helps you put on and take off the gloves and also allows you to hang them on, for example, a belt or a backpack.

Let your hands breathe

Although the main material of the gloves is leather, it is combined with polyester, nylon, elastane and other synthetic materials that will allow your hands to breathe. The breathable materials wick away moisture well and have been connected to each other with an elastic fiber so that your hands not only breathe, but the mobility of your fingers is also improved at the same time.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • quality workmanship
  • genuine goat leather for a better grip on the weapon
  • elastically connected material for better mobility of the fingers
  • functional Hypalon loop
  • Velcro cuff
  • Knuckle slits for added comfort
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Natural leather


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