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Compass Expedition of well known Swedish brand Silva is a compass with the full size base plate. It is a real expert, now additionally with a global needle, designed for experienced users and professionals. It is highly powerful in terms of precision and durability. If you need a compass with first-class functions for use anywhere in the world, Expedition Global should be your choice.

Works anywhere in the world and has many useful features 

Global Needle allows for use in all three magnetic fields, ie both hemispheres and equator. The needle is made of the best Swedish steel and the sapphire bearing allows it to move almost without resistance. Compass is compatible with almost any map thanks to the scale in millimeters and inches. It also has romer scales  1 : 25 000, 1 : 40 000 a 1 : 50 000 and GPS scale.  The compass is equipped with a luminous compound to be activated by daylight or flashlight, which lasts up to 4 hours from its activation, and this allows convenient navigation even at night, dusk or impaired visibility.To the comfort and efficiency also contributes ergonomic DryFlex wheel, magnifying glass to facilitate reading from the map and integrated magnetic decline settingRubber feet on the bottom of the plate for stability and precision work with the map. Removable neck lanyard prevents fall and is also equipped with a scale. The attached plate will help with calculations and determine the risk of avalanche and how challenging the way ahead of us is.

Benefits you need to know about : 

  • compass with the base plate for advanced navigators and professionals 
  • needle made of high quality Swedish steel
  • compass type: global needle
  • sapphire bearing for needle movement
  • DryFlex ergonomic wheel 
  • scale in degrees (360)
  • clinometer
  • magnifying glass 
  • GPS scale
  • rubber feet for precise work 
  • llumination activated by daylight or flashlight, which lasts up to 4 hours from activation
  • operating temperature: -30 to +60 C
  • accuracy - +/- 2 degree
  • declination scale in capsule
  • waterproof
  • patented red/black N/S lines
  • scales in mm and inches
  • UTM position scales (romer scales) - 1:25k, 1:50k, 1:40k
  • removable neck lanyard
  • dimensions: 12,7 cm x 6 cm x 1,3 cm
  • weight: 52 g 
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Important parameters

Material in detail
Base: acrylic
Compass case: ABS
Safety cord: TPU
Parts of delivery
Lanyard around the neck
Card with formulas


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