ChemLight Cyalume® chemical light, 8 hours
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ChemLight Cyalume® chemical light, 8 hours

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Product code: ChL-8BL
Warranty period: 2 years

Light up the dark corridor or visibly mark the broken-down car. Even for this purpose the ChemLights™ Cyalume® is an excellent choice. Cyalume® are one of the world's leading manufacturers of chemical lights. Their products are used in the army, by police officers, in hospitals,etc. These chemical lights have an ATEX certificate for use in explosive environments, meet the REACH and NATO military standards. In addition, each stick is provided with an NSN code, expiration and illumination time. Chemical light offers immediate illumination and maximum reliability.During the chemical reaction, there are no harmful gases and no ignition. If needed, just unpack the plastic packaging,bend and snap. This professional light stick is suitable for outdoors as well as at home use. It will be therefore used by tourists, climbers, drivers or divers.

Lights always and everywhere

The light sticks works perfectly in all conditons.Thanks to the water-proof packaging, it is also applicable for diving. It is also non-toxic,  care-free and disposable. You can just unpack it and use it. The stick works independently of electricity. It can also be used in areas with the flammable materials entry prohibition as it is completely non-flammable.

Power in simplicity 

Each of the stick is separately packed in a plastic package. This package protects against sunlight and moisture. The body of the stick is made of solid durable plastic, and it is also provided with a practical hook to hang it on a tree or backpack.

Chemical reaction starts by bending and shaking of the stick. After bending and snaping the stick lights intensively and then the intensity slowly weaken, but it continues to shine up for another 8 hours.  The sticks are non-toxic and shelf-life is up to 4 years from date of issue. 

Main benefits of light sticks ChemLights™ Cyalume®

  • gold standard among chemical lights
  • ideal for tactical operations
  • suitable for home and outdoor use
  • easy to activate - bend to snap and shake
  • one use only
  • waterproof
  • floats on surface
  • zero maintenance
  • non toxic
  • non flammable
  • hexagonal shape of stick prevents rolling it laid on free surface or on ground for case of unwanted stepping on it
  • attachment possibilities
  • hook construction holds stick where you fix it
  • flat side for easy orientation of hook hole in dark
  • notch in hook for hanging on rope
  • opening in hook for lanyard, wrist or equipment cord
  • independently of electricity
  • manufacturer is only authorized supplier of chemical lights for NATO forces
  • supplied to US Armed Forces
  • meets ATEX and REACH EU directives
  • meets requirements according to military specifications DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) and NAMSA (NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency)
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Introduction - ChemLight Cyalume® chemical light, 8 hours

Introduction 2 - ChemLight Cyalume® chemical light, 8 hours

Important parameters

20 g
Dimensions in detail
Sticks length: 6"= approx 15,2 cm
Stick diameter: 1,7 cm
Liquid volume: 10 ml
Other specifications
Stick lighting time: 8 h
Light range: 360°
Light visibility: on ground - up to 1,6 km, from air - up to 6,4 km
Independent of electrical energy
Nontoxic, nonflammable and waterproof
Each stick foiled separately for protection from light and moisture during storage and transport
Supplied to US Armed Forces
Meets requirements of the military specifications DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) and NAMSA (NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency)
NSN (NATO Stock Number) - white light: 6260-01-218-5146
NSN (NATO Stock Number) - blue light: 6260-01-178-5560
NSN (NATO Stock Number) - infrared light: 6260-01-396-1704
NSN is marked on each product / package for easy reference
Shelf life: 4 years since date of production
Phthalates free
Designed in USA, made in France


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