Charger 18650 Dual Charger + Adapter PowerTac®
€  16.6
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Charger 18650 Dual Charger + Adapter PowerTac®

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€ 16.6
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Product code: USBC-2BAY-CH
Warranty period: 2 years

Stop wasting money on batteries

Charger 18650 Dual Charger Adapter PowerTac® to you noticeably will reduce spending on getting new batteries for your flashlights, radios and other equipment that can't do without electrical power.I guess everyone does that sometimes experienced, leaving in the morning for an event or a wildlife expedition, but you can't go home find any working batteries to power your equipment.Most of the time you remember until evening, so shops are closed and in the morning you don't have time to look for batteries after business.Besides, batteries are quite expensive, so neither is the financial side of constant buying new batteries is not entirely positive.You can simply avoid all these problems with this practical battery charger.

A simple and effective solution

Charging module Just plug into the socket and the battery will recharge in a few hours.You don't have to buy new batteries all the time, you have the option to always prepare the batteries and charge enough.The ideal choice for all, who don't want to buy new batteries all the time.Only put batteries in charger specially designed to recharge!

Benefits you need to know about : 

  • easy manipulation
  • fast recharging 
  • significantly reduces buying of new batteries 
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Buy Charger 18650 Dual Charger + Adapter PowerTac® for €  16.6

Important parameters

Other specifications
Li-ion bateriové články 18650, 21700, 26650
Zařízení s USB nabíjením (podporuje USB typu C)
Vstup: 5 V / 2A
Výstup: 4,2 V / 1A


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