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Warranty period: 2 years

Ranger are tactical sunglasses with ballistic protection designed for professionals - shooters, law enforcement, military, security personnel - as well as airsoft players. They are certified with respective norms and provide comfort and protection at any situation.

Non-slip, ventilated, resistant

The Ranger sunglasses feature sturdy and durable lenses from polycarbonate - 2.2 mm thick. Their frame features side ventilation and inbuilt side protective shields. The frame is made of nylon, glossy black and very flexible. 2 temples made of a combination of nylon and PVC, their anti-slip surface enhances the wearing comfort. The bridge is non-slip as well. The glasses are supplied with a microfibre cleaning wipe and a separate padded soft case.

Protection from whatever

The Ranger feature lenses with ballistic protection – laboratory tested ballistic protection against a steel cylinder flying at over 275 m / s, i.e. 990 km / h, which corresponds to a 0.22 calibre round. They are conform to STANAG 2920. NATO standards are recognized in all NATO countries.

Test results on the resistance to flying objects:

  • smoke lenses: V50 188 m / s (677 km / h)
  • polarized lenses: V50 189 m / s (680 km / h)
  • red flash lenses: V50 187 m / s (673 km / h)

The lenses' anti-fog coating facilitates optimum working conditions. It prevents fogging at high temperature differences of the ambient environment the user is working in. Their scratch-resistant coating functions as a shield enhancing the durability of lenses and prevents scratches. This increases the longevity of the lenses as well as the user comfort since there are no scratches disturbing the vision. Moreover the smoke lenses feature an exclusive PLATINUM coating on both sides, which guarantees more safety, reliability and comfort. This coating multiplies the anti-scratch properties and helps prevent fogging. Even with this coating the lenses can be washed with water. The glasses conform to EN 172 standard guaranteeing 99.99% UV protection, which makes them suitable for outdoor activities and work. The EN 172 applies to glasses for industrial use, regular sunglasses are specified in a different standard.

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