Black Diamond® Storm 450 Headlamp

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Product code: BD620671-0002
Warranty period: 24 months

Unique functional properties and increased protection against water

The Storm 450 headlamp from the manufacturer Black Diamond will meet all your requirements with its perfect functional properties and durability in demanding conditions. Increased protection against water and dust will ensure its service life even if it accidentally falls into water. With the Power Tap system, you can easily change the brightness intensity with one touch. Three powerful LEDs offer you a various selection of lighting modes, and the memory system provides an immediate return to the last used mode.

More powerful and longer light goes hand in hand with more gentle energy consumption

The Storm 450 headlamp is designed for a more powerful light, but with enough care for the battery, so it can shine for a really long time. A big advantage is the Dual fuel system - compatibility with rechargeable batteries. You can also buy a charging cell for a micro USB port, with which you can charge the headlamp anywhere on the go.

Light mode:

  • distance lighting
  • near sight lighting
  • "dimming" - setting your own light mode
  • red, blue and green night light - dimming system and strobe
  • brightness memory - immediate return to the last used mode

Even minor advantages, if they have their quality, will create a perfect final impression

Even small helpers, if there are enough of them and their work is of high quality, can create a perfect result. The lock function against accidental switching on will save you from worrying about accidentally turning on the headlamp in your backpack. The current battery status indicator gives you a sense of security. The new ergonomic shape of the body and the comfortable strap ensure comfortable wearing and fastening of the headlamp. The low weight and consistency of the headlamp is just a pleasant bonus that completes the whole.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • dual charging option
  • 5 light modes
  • colored night light - red, blue and green
  • memory for immediate return to the last used mode
  • the Power Tap system - ensures a change in light intensity by simply tapping the right side of the headlamp
  • security lock
  • increased water resistance
  • display showing battery status
  • higher performance
  • more economical mode
  • compatibility with rechargeable batteries
  • Dual fuel - the possibility of recharging via the USB port anywhere on the road, e.g. with a power bank or solar charger
  • fits great, doesn't slip
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