Black Diamond® Cosmo 350 Headlamp

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Product code: BD620673
EAN: 7936615198050
Warranty period: 2 years

Confidence in every adventure

The Black Diamond Cosmo 350 headlamp with an innovative ergonomic body will not let you down on any adventure. It is light, yet very durable. Thanks to the improved body, it fits perfectly on the head, there is no risk of shifting or slipping. The water resistance will protect it against rain or a possible fall into the water. Its excellent functional features include, for example, the possibility of two types of power supply.

Great functional properties

The Black Diamond Cosmo 350 headlamp will pleasantly surprise you with its simple functionality. Its advantages include water resistance, a safety lock against unwanted lighting and a second switch for easy lens selection. Two power options. A pleasant bonus is the display showing the remaining charge percentages.

More powerful, but more economical light

The Cosmo headlamp is adapted to a more powerful light, but with enough care for the battery, so it can shine for a really long time. A big advantage is the Dual fuel system - compatibility with rechargeable batteries. You can also buy a charging cell for a micro USB port, with which you can charge the headlamp anywhere on the go.

The Cosmo headlamp offers a various selection of lighting modes

Light modes:

  • distance and near sight
  • smooth dimming of the light
  • flashing
  • red night light

Reliability even in more demanding conditions

Whether you use the Cosmo headlamp for simpler leisure activities or more demanding outdoor ones, you can always rely on its functional properties and material quality.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • dual charging option
  • 5 light modes
  • security lock
  • water resistance
  • display showing battery status
  • higher performance
  • more economical mode
  • compatibility with rechargeable batteries
  • Dual fuel - the possibility of recharging via the USB port anywhere on the road, e.g. with a power bank or solar charger
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Buy Black Diamond® Cosmo 350 Headlamp for €  33.7

Measured according to ANSI FL 1 standard in laboratory conditions, using rechargeable Li-ion battery BD 1500 mAh or 3 Duracell alkaline AAA batteries, at specific given temperature and humidity. Values may vary depending on ambient conditions, on way flashlight is used, or when other batteries are used.

Mode Luminous flux (lm) Beam distance (m) Runtime for one baterries / for one full charge Runtime in reserve mode
Low - white light AAA 6 10 200 h -
Medium - white light AAA 175 45 6 h 4 h
Max - white light AAA 350 64 3 h 30 h
Low - white light BD 1500 6 10 225 h -
Medium - white light BD 1500 175 45 10 h 30 min
Max - white light BD 1500 350 64 5 h 2 h

Black Diamond® headlamps with dual fuel

Important parameters

Number of modes
Types of batteries / accumularos
3x AAA batteries (micropencils)
BD 1500 rechargeable Li-ion battery Black Diamond®
Weight in detail
Without batteries: 46 g
With BD 1500 rechargeable Li-ion battery: 73,5 g
With batteries AAA: 79 g
Other specifications
LEDs number: 2 (big white, small red)
User interface: 2 top buttons
Battery status indicator (red LED blink when you press button)
Lockout security function
Waterproof: IPX8 (withstands submerging to depth of over 1 m for 30 minutes)
Operating temperature: -17 ° C to +43 ° C
It can also be attached to chest strap of backpack, to another strap on backpack or bag and so on
Headband can be handwashed and get dried naturally
Parts of delivery
3x AAA batteries (micropencils) DURACELL®


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