Bergans® Expedition set for Ally canoes

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Warranty period: 2 years

You will receive a basic repair kit directly packaged with each Bergans Ally canoe, but if you would like to expand your "arsenal", you have the option. You can get the original repair kit in the color of the ship so that any patch on its hull is not too noticeable.

Everything you need to repair

The Expediton kit (it's really not a typo) contains everything you'll need for a quick ride anywhere in the field. It includes five long rolls of leather, two shorter rolls of very durable leather for more demanding environments, various holders and clips, three packs of glue and short repair tubes with a larger or smaller diameter compared to the normal diameter of aluminum ship construction tubes.

A backup that you will only need on rare occasions

The Expediton Advanced Repair Kit has a similar definition to a first aid kit – it's good to have just in case, but you'll only need it on rare occasions. The Bergans Ally canoes, as well as the original bag that you can buy for carrying them, are very durable and won't get damaged that easily.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • original repair kit
  • contains rolls of leather for repairing Bergans Ally canoes
  • glue and various holders and clips are included
  • short repair tubes for aluminum construction
  • original color and quality workmanship
  • recommended as additional canoe equipment
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Buy Bergans® Expedition set for Ally canoes for €  178.8

Important parameters

Dimensions in detail
Délka opravného materiálu: 5 × 5,5 m
Délka zátěžového opravného materiálu: 2 × 1 m
Weight in detail
Lepidlo: 3 × 90 g


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