BCB® My Dog Walking Handy Tin

The product is not available anymore

At times, not only you, but your dog may need a survival kit as well. Why? For example when it catches a tick, use the tweezers from the tin, remove the tick safely and clean the wound with the provided anti-septic wipes. The tin is sturdy and reliable. Thanks to its compact size, you may just pop it in your pocket. Inside, there is a whistle as well as plastic bags. Now you will never be caught off guard.

Inside you find various small items you may need when walking your dog. An emergency dog lead with a carabiner, bright LED light, tweezers, 6x antiseptic wipes, 10x waterproof plasters, extremely loud whistle and scented doggy bags.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • dog walking essentials
  • contains multiple tools and gadgets
  • helps overcome various challenges
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