Backpack Wisport® Raccoon 45 l

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Product code: Raccoon45-02
EAN: 5902431603872
Warranty period: 5 years

The Wisport backpack® The 45-liter raccoon is among the newest-generation survival backpacks.However, it can of course be used in other activities – it will serve perfectly for mountain hikes, for example.It is a exceptionally durable and reliable backpack, but delivers high user comfort.This makes it suitable even under extreme conditions.Plus points are also for innovative design and quality processing.

Room to store everything needed

The backpack volume is 45 litres, but it offers space to store additional equipment.To start with, this survival piece is MOLLE compatible, so you can attach another MOLLE compatible equipment - cases or pockets.If necessary, the space can also be expanded to include additional Wisport side pockets® 9-litre RACCOON (not included).Worth noticing are compression straps, which are primarily used to reduce backpack volume, but will also be used to store additional equipment. The main chamber, which can be divided into 2 separate compartments, is certainly worth noticing.A third of the space is then at the bottom, 2 thirds at the top.The bulkhead that separates the chambers is then fastened to the zipper in the backpack.When partially unzipped, longer items (such as a tripod) can be carried in a backpack Access to the main chamber is then possible from both the top and the bottom (via a massive zip seal made of plastic).

Both hydration system and notebook

The backpack is also designed to store hydration bag.The handles for the tube are then found on both the right and left side of the backpack.And a laptop can be stored in a backpack without a problem.It is equipped with a flat inner pocket.

Focused on lid

The lid certainly deserves attention too.This contains 2 zip pockets, there is also a Velcro panel, which can be used to attach a label ID.In addition, the lid is also removable.

Protection from rain

The weather is often unpredictable and rain may surprise us at any time.That's a good thing to count on, so part of this survival pack is a practical poncho (raincoat), which is hidden in a pocket at the bottom of the backpack (Velcro closing).

FAS carrier system

The letters FAS represent the acronym for Full Adjustable System.This system is universal, providing high comfort as well as being fully adjustable.The back of the pack contains lamellas and strips which are made of a special resistant aluminium alloy.Here it forms a barrier between the back of the backpack and the user's back.The system is also characterised by a special waist belt design.
All parts that come into contact with the body are ergonomically shaped, plus they are covered with a AIR NET, which provides effective ventilation and sweat extraction.The backpack is also characterised by high stability.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • new generation backpack survival
  • high user comfort
  • exceptional resistance and reliability
  • suitable even in extreme conditions
  • innovative design
  • high-quality processing
  • body support system - The chamber can be divided into 2 separate chambers
  • access to the main chamber is possible from both the top and bottom side
  • the option to extend the storage space with extra side pockets Wisport® RACCOON of 9 l capacity (not included in the pack)
  • 2 handles for carrying
  • compatible with the hydration system
  • a flat pocket on notebook
  • raincoat
  • Fastex buckles allow for quick removal if necessary
  • strenghtened hip belt
  • zips: ITW NEXUS, YKK®
  • buckles: WISPORT®
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Wisport® Raccoon 45 l

Important parameters

Height / length
55 cm
32 cm
28 cm
2.5 kg
45 l
Press studs / buckles / fasteneres
Fixing / transport
2 padded, adjustable and unbuckle-able shoulder straps (QRS = quick release system)
1 length and height adjustable chest strap
1 adjustable, removable waist belt
1 heavy duty rear top fabric handle
Other specifications
Hydration bladder compatible
Carrying system: FAS (fully adjustable system)
Parts of delivery
Rain cover


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