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Product code: MAG1132-1900
Warranty period: 2 years

Magpul Ascent provides high-performance eye protection and all-day comfort. It is designed for the most active users and you definitely won't use it only at the shooting range, even though it is primarily intended for that use. After all, Magpul focuses on shooters in its other product categories as well.

Above standard protection 

Ascent eyewear is equipped with frame constructed of TR90NZZ material (sometimes also called Grilamid). This provides outstanding impact resistance, even at low temperatures. Lenses also meet high velocity impact protection and oleophobic treatment on lenses repels water and provides oil, sweat, sunscreen and other chemical protection. The lens is ballistic rated to ANSI Z87+. 

Low profile temples 

The low profile temples of Ascent eyewear is not stylish thing but also functional. The temples, combined with its over-molded temple and nose pads, keep the Ascent in place and comfortable all day long, even during physically demanding activities. They provide lateral eye protection and minimizes incoming stray light.

Compatible with your gear 

Magpul Ascent are compatible with other tactical gear inc. helmets, communication headsets and over the ear hearing protection. They offer all-day durability, reliability and comfort as well as Polarized and Non-Polarized lens options to meet your specific activity needs.  

Premium features 

The eyewear has above standard, premium features inc. already mentioned oleophobic treatment on lenses. Moreover, anti-reflective coating on inside of lenses minimizes distracting reflections. Coated stainless steel pins provide simple but dependable hinge functionality.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • high-quality workmanship 
  • ballistic rated to ANSI Z87+ and MIL-PRF 32432 standards
  • impact resistant lens and frame
  • low profile temples 
  • ololeophobic treatment on lenses
  • anti-reflective coating on inside of lenses 
  • for all-day use
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Magpul® Goggles - Rift and Ascent

Important parameters

Material in detail
Rámeček: termoplast TR90NZZ
Dimensions in detail
Délka stranice: 12,4 cm
Výška čočky: 37 mm
Šířka čočky: 57 mm
Šířka nosníku: 17 mm
Other specifications
Všechny čočky jsou polarizované
Klasifikace čoček: ANSI Z87+ a MIL-PRF 32432 - splňují / překračují požadavky standardů:
ANSI Z87.1 - test odolnosti proti střelám
Balistické standardy MIL-PRF-32432 pro ochranné brýle
Parts of delivery
Brýle (rámeček)
Přepravní sáček na čočky z jemného materiálu (poslouží také jako čisticí hadřík)


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