AKU Tactical® Pilgrim TSC DS boots

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Product code: 911T.1-051-40-EU
EAN: 8032696736095
Warranty period: 2 years

AKU Tactical Pilgrim TSC DS boots were developed in cooperation with special forces of the US Army. They are light, breathable and ideal for use in hot climates and desert areas.

Functional materials

The upper is made of very durable 3D nylon fabric AIR 8000. This material, developed by AKU, gives the shoe optimized breathability and fast-drying material properties. Thanks to the use of highly functional water vapor-permeable fabrics, shoes with AIR 8000 shoes can take moisture away up to 11x faster than comparable models made of other materials. Although designed for desert conditions, this shoe is an excellent summer shoe for climates throughout Europe.

Safe step

The AKU IMS midsole creates the perfect balance between control and shock absorption. The Pilgrim TSC DS shoe uppers also have protective ankle pads and protect the feet when rappeling on a so-called Fast Rope. There are anti-puncture insoles inside the boots. The Vibram Curcuma sole is antistatic, non-slip and oil resistant.

Italian quality

Founded in 1955, AKU is a leading Italian manufacturer specializing in the production of high-quality climbing, hiking and military boots. AKU currently has two large factories in Italy and Romania, from which it supplies more than 200,000 pairs of shoes to the world market each year. AKU tactical boots are used by American, British and Italian special forces, as well as the armed forces of Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • ideal for hot summer days
  • anatomically shaped construction
  • breathable Air 8000 technology
  • padded upper and tongue
  • Vibram clinging sole
  • anti-slip pattern
  • suitable for Fas Rope rappelling
  • puncture resistant insole
  • IMS shock-absorbing for maximum comfort
  • nubuck leather upper
  • soft fabric around the ankle
  • made in the EU
  • easy maintenance
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Buy AKU Tactical® Pilgrim TSC DS boots for €  199.6

AKU Tactical® Pilgrim TSC DS boots

Important parameters

Material in detail
Upper material: suede with a thickness of 1,8 mm + Air 8000®
Upper protection: suede
Lining: no
Insole: antistatic EVA foam
Midsole: EVA foam
Lasting board: nylon with thickness of 2 mm + EVA foam + antiperforation fabric
Outsole: Vibram® Curcuma antistatic nitrile compound


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