Adventure Menu® - Meatballs with basmati and tomato sauce
€  8.8
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Adventure Menu® - Meatballs with basmati and tomato sauce

€ 8.8
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Meat balls. Originally from Italy, but they have conquered the whole world. Very popular in the United States, but also in Scandinavia. I guess we know why, right? These ground beef minced balls are mixed with basmati rice and flavored only with parsley. Then just pepper and salt and it´s done. Sweet tomato sauce is a classic made of root vegetables and tomato puree, with a light cinnamon tone. This will simply be a hit, mainly for our children. The ratio of meat and basmati rice is chosen so that the food is completely balanced as a whole, but if we make pasta with it, we get a regular two servings.

Adventure Menu® - Meatballs with basmati and tomato sauce key benefits : 

  • ground beef balls
  • basmati rice
  • flavored only with parsley, pepper and salt
  • sweet tomato sauce
  • no semi-finished products, full-fledged main course

  • 100% natural food
  • hand made only from the best Czech raw ingrediences 
  • without preservatives and other chemicals
  • can be prepared (heated) without fire or cooker
  • unique sterilization system
  • special packaging keeps food fresh and tasty for up to 3 years
meat-rice balls (51 %;
ground beef (50 %), basmati rice(15 %),
water, eggs, rapeseed oil,
salt (edible salt, potassium iodate),
dried parsley, pepper),
tomato sauce(49 %;
water, tomato paste (water, tomato paste, sugar, salt),
onion, root vegetables (carrots, celery, parsnips, parsley)
rice flour, corn flour, rapeseed oil,
sugar, lemon, salt (edible rock salt, potassium iodate),wild spices
Energy 540 kJ
Protein content  6,7 g
Fat content 4,7 g
Carbohydrate content 17,2 %
200 g
(+/- 5 %, from 300g raw mea)
Allergens info egg free, lactose free,gluten free


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